Labour Courts

     District Judges

Principal Labour Court 
I Additional Labour Court 
II Additional Labour Court
III Additional Labour Court
2Industrial Tribunal                  
3Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal 

Additional Judicial Member 
4State Transport Appellate Tribunal          
Special Court under Essential Commodities Act 
Administrative General & Official Trustee 

Deputy Administrative General  & Official Trustee 


Family Courts

District Judges

Principal Judge 
I Additional Principal Judge 
II Additional Principal Judge
Sessions Judge, Magalir Neethimandram

Special Court under T.N.P.I.D.  Act

Special Court under N.D.P.S. Act

Sessions Judge, Sessions  Court for Trial of Bomb-Blast Cases
Director, Tamil Nadu State Judical Academy  

Member, Tamil Nadu State Legal Services Authority



City Civil Court 

District Judges

Principal Judge
I Additional Judge (TADA)
II Additional Judge
III Additional Judge
IV Additional Judge
V Additional Judge (TADA) 
VI Additional Judge
VII Additional Judge
VIII Additional Judge (CBI Cases)
IX Additional Judge (CBI Cases)
X Additional Judge (CBI Cases)
XI Additional Judge 
XII Additional Judge
XIII Additional Judge 

Additional District & Sessions 
Judge for Fast Track Court-I

Additional District & Sessions 
Judge for Fast Track Court-II

Additional District & Sessions 
Judge for Fast Track Court-III

Additional District & Sessions 
Judge for Fast Track Court-IV

Additional District & Sessions 
Judge for Fast Track Court-V

Civil Judges (Senior Division)

I Assistant Judge
II Assistant Judge
III Assistant Judge
IV Assistant Judge
V Assistant Judge
VI Assistant Judge
VII Assistant Judge
VIII Assistant Judge
IX Assistant Judge
X Assistant Judge
XI Assistant Judge
XII Assistant Judge
XIII Assistant Judge
XIV Assistant Judge
XV Assistant Judge
XVI Assistant Judge
XVII Assistant Judge
XVIII Assistant Judge

Civil Judges (Junior Division)



Court of Small Causes  

District Judges

Chief Judge

Civil Judges (Senior Division)

II Judge 
III Judge 
IV Judge 
V Judge 
VI Judge 
VII Judge 
VIII Judge 
IX Judge 

Civil Judges (Junior Division)

X Judge 
XI Judge
XII Judge
XIII Judge
XIV Judge
XV Judge
XVI Judge


Metropolitan Magistrates 

District Judges

Chief M.M. Egmore, Madras
Additional C.M.M.(Economic Offence I)
Additional C.M.M.(Economic Off ence II)

Civil Judges (Senior Division)

Additional C.M.M., Egmore
II M.M., Egmore
III M.M., George Town
IV M.M., Saidapet
X M.M., Egmore
XI M.M., Saidapet

Civil Judges (Junior Division)

V M.M., Egmore 
VI M.M., Egmore
VII M.M., George Town 
VIII M.M., George Town
IX M.M., Saidapet
XII M.M., Egmore 
XIII M.M., Egmore 
XIV M.M., Egmore
XV M.M., George Town
XVI M.M., George Town
XVII M.M., Saidapet 
XVIII M.M., Saidapet
XIX M.M., Egmore
XX M.M., Egmore 
XXI M.M., Egmore (Mobile Court for North Madras)
XXII M.M., Egmore (Mobile Cour t for South Madras)
XXIII M.M., Saidapet